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Big Business

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All Roads Lead To You

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Animal Hoedown

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I Want You

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The Blind Machine

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Just Like Home

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Buy Back Your Soul

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Something So Right
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Castles in the Air
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1. Big Business - The Beatniks of Babylon.. a jazz infected lament to the ever expanding corporate control of daily living in the modern world.


2. All Roads lead to You - Sirsa Shekim.. romantic ballad with silky smooth vocal stylings.


3. Animal Hoedown - Harry Hayward.. Florida own "man of mystery" spins a tale of animal mayhem.


4.I Want You - Goldie Slavkova.. the enigmatic Bulgarian born singer rips through the back alleys of obsessive love.


5. The Blind Machine - Sam Spade and Diva Devine.. a haunting dirge across the star struck wasteland of teenage anxiety.


6. Just like Home - Esther Valentine.. get down with a big melody and some country fried soul.


7. Santorini - The Blood Brothers.. very thematic dark and delicious.


8. Buy Back Your Soul - The Beatniks of Babylon "All of Your Money Won't Buy back Your Soul"


9. Something So Right - Kasey Goveia ..cowboy rock, true love moves into the comfort zone.


10. Castles in The Air - Zamp Nicall ..romantic folk ballad


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